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Horusian Wars Q+A - ask your questions now

Book #2 of the Horusian Wars series was announced by Black Library, and I am doing a Q+A about the series here on my blog.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, Incarnation is the sequel to Resurrection and is out in July. It’s all about Inquisitors in Warhammer 40,000, and whether they can save humanity by reincarnating the God Emperor, or by creating a vessel for the dark powers of Chaos. More about that here.

And here is the cover and the blurb for Incarnation:

Darkness approaches Dominicus Prime, a literal Season of Night that brings with it portents, madness and strange happenings. Standing alone as a beacon against the darkness is the Monastery of the Last Candle, a temple to the holy light of the Emperor. As the bishops and the cardinals vie for power and influence, a crisis looms among the Pilgrim Drift who are starving in their droves. Discord is rife and there are whispers of a rising cult, one committed to blood and horror. Into this political powder keg comes Inquisitor Covenant and his followers. Drawn to the shrineworld by the prescience of the Emperor's Tarot, they come seeking the agents of the Triumverate, a sect of Horusians bent on power themselves. It is the belief of Covenant that these radicals seek an incarnation, nothing less than a divine vessel, a living saint. To what end, he can only surmise, but Covenant knows it cannot bode well. He must deny the Horusians at any cost. The fate of the very sector may be determined by it.

Ask your questions

Put your questions in the comments and in two weeks (ish) I will scoop them up and do my best to answer them.


  1. Do you have a favourite cult or cult concept that you've worked up/created?

  2. When will the infomous Junt Jaeger appear!? ;)

  3. Two questions;

    1: Will we see Ivixia Dannica and Witch Hunter Tyrus at some point in the series?

    2. Do you think the various short stories about Covenant's retinue could become a collection, like Ahriman: Exodus?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. How do you structure plot-twists so that they are engaging to the reader? Do you leave enough hints for the reader to figure out or do you prefer to have the characters and reader on the same page (pun not intended)?
      Also, what are some of your real-life inspirations for cults and secret wars like those fought by the inquisition?

  5. What's the status of proposed crossover with Vaults of Terra series by Chris Wraight?
    Horusian Wars - will it be trilogy, or do you plan more books in the series?
    Would you kindly help me sort the series chronologically?

  6. What is your role in the Horus Heresy series - and what is it like to be involved in both the FW team and the BL team? How does it all work?

    Also how do you see 40K and GW more generally changing to fit how culture has changed. We have seen more and more female characters, and a better mention of ethnic minorities - however how do lgbt characters enter 40K?

    Also what was your background, your education like?

    Finally, what kind of fiction and non-fiction do you read? What kind of news sites, literary journals, etc?

  7. Two questions:
    Ressurection had a special edition (I loved it) but no special edition of incarnation have been announced, won't there be one?

    Will/how does the Horusian wars tie in whit other things happening in the wider galaxy, cicatrix maledictum, the indomitus crusade and so on?

    And awesome books!

  8. Hi John,

    Two FW related questions from me.

    1) Have you been working on the Beta Garmon campaign book that is coming from FW/Specialist Games? This looks very exciting. Or is this done by the Specialist Games and you and other Black Book wrieters are not involved? Will we see it this year?

    2) Are you part of writing team for HH Malevolence or are you focusing mainly on HH Novels now, seeing that you have Slaves to Darkness due soon and apparently also one of the first three Siege of Terra books.

    Sorry I don't have any Horusian Wars questions yet, haven't started the series yet, though I am very interested in seeing actual reincarnations/saintlike characters, that is one of the main draws for me. I did buy book 1 in hardback last year though, and the title of "Incarnation" is just what I wanted to hear.


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